• Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC

5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the New Parents in Your Life

Headed to a baby shower soon? Sure, you can get “stuff” that they may or may not need. But why not think outside the box? I have some thoughts for the perfect gift for new parents! 1. A gift certificate for a lactation consultant visit after the baby is born. Help from a trained IBCLC can be a huge part of getting breastfeeding off to a great start. (Interested in purchasing an office visit as a gift? Email me here). 2. A card detailing how you will help when the baby comes. Most needed help? Doing laundry, washing dishes, and cooking meals. (Meal Train is a great site to set up a calendar to bring food to new parents). 3. Can’t cook? Send a meal! (Looking for a Portland local meal delivery service? Check out Full Belly Fare). 4. Chip in for a labor doula. Labor doulas can ease stress in childbirth - their work is invaluable! (Brave Birth Doula Care is a Portland agency with a number of labor doulas ready to help!) 5. How about once the baby is here? If you can’t make it to help out, chip in for a postpartum doula. They are the fairy godmothers of new parents. (Check out Family Tree Doula Services for this amazing gift!) Onesies and receiving blankets are sweet and thoughtful gifts, of course. However, to be the most supportive of this significant life change, let’s find ways to ease and enrich their postpartum experience. After all, it takes a village.

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