• Adrienne Koznek, IBCLC

What's In A Visit?

If you gave birth in a hospital, you probably saw a lactation consultant (IBCLC) during your stay. Perhaps you had a visit to the lactation clinic a couple of days after going home. But what if breastfeeding hasn't quite clicked yet? What if you're still having a hard time? You, parents, have lots of options.

When you book a lactation visit with me, here’s what to expect:

-I will take a birth history and a health history about you and your baby

-we will weigh your baby before and after they nurse - this gives us a snapshot of how much they are transferring at the breast

-we will get a naked weight of your baby to help track their growth (a solid indicator that they are getting enough milk)

-we will discuss your breastfeeding goals

-we will create a customized care plan to ensure you and your baby are thriving

-I will help you with any concerns about breastfeeding you’re having

-I will do an assessment of your baby’s tongue and oral function

-I will send a report to your baby’s healthcare provider if you wish

These are aspects of a lactation visit you would likely get anywhere. But here is what else I do:

-I will listen to your birth story, adoption story, or surrogacy story - whatever journey your family took to get to where you are

-I will answer your questions about taking care of a newborn, no matter how silly you think they are

-I will hold your baby while you go to the bathroom

-I will make sure you leave your visit feeling cared for and confident that you and your baby are doing great

-I will make sure you are reaching your breastfeeding goals - whatever they may be

-I will provide you with support for as long as you need it.

There is a lot of science and clinical work involved in being a Lactation Consultant. But equally as so, it’s heart work. My whole heart and my whole brain go into working with families. It brings me such joy to walk this path with new parents.

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