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"We had breastfeeding pain and clogged ducts from the beginning. Our daughter always seemed hungry. But the pediatrician and 3 other lactation consultants didn’t see a tongue tie.
Adrienne was the first one to identify a posterior tongue tie in our 3 week old daughter. We went to tongue tie specialist Dr. Ghaheri and he saw it too. He did the tongue tie release and there was an improvement afterwards.
Adrienne was so compassionate and helpful as we navigated our breastfeeding struggles. We wish we would’ve found her sooner in our journey.
Would recommend Adrienne to other moms struggling with breastfeeding."


"Adrienne is great. Period. She is knowledgeable and dedicated and offers help with a lot of real life considerations. We found her after weeks of struggle and she helped create a down to earth plan to keep our baby’s weight gain trending up and take care of my supply without feeling so daunted by regimented pumping and supplementing. She helped me gain so much confidence and peace about nursing. She comes to your house and responds to inquiries and worries really quickly which in this crazy season of life makes all the difference in the world. Thank you Adrienne!!"


"Adrienne is wonderful. Her poise and intelligence is evident and her attention to detail is superb. She noticed our son's tongue tie when other consultants had missed it. Her supports continued even when we moved out of the area. She’s quick to respond, supportive, communicative, and knowledge. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Our son wouldn’t be doing as well without her."